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Our brands

We offer products from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as specialized equipment from selected, proven suppliers.

The focus is put on modern technologies, which can be found in gaming equipment, GSM accessories, computer accessories or audio devices.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of available products and services to meet even the most demanding needs.

Brands in our offer

Garett is a brand for lifestyle and travel enthusiasts, combining innovation with functionality to offer unique experiences. Their mission is to inspire exploration of the world in new ways through high-quality products, trusted by a community valuing quality, style, and adventure.

3dRudder is an innovative device for controlling virtual reality and computer games, allowing users to control movement with their feet, opening up new possibilities for interaction and immersion. It's an extraordinary device created for gaming and virtual reality enthusiasts seeking innovative ways of entertainment.

Cable Guys is a brand offering unique cable holders and controller stands inspired by characters from video games, movies, and comics. With functionality and distinctive design, these products serve as both practical storage solutions and stylish interior decorations for pop culture enthusiasts.

Gioteck specializes in gaming accessories, including controllers, headsets, keyboards, and mice, providing exceptional quality and comfort for gamers across various platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. With innovative solutions, sturdy construction, and affordable prices, it has gained recognition among the gaming community, ensuring excellent gaming experiences.

Exo is an innovative American drone manufacturer known for advanced technology and robust construction. Their drones cater to various applications, from recreational flying to professional inspections and deliveries. With a focus on safety and performance, they are a trusted choice for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Mionix is a company specializing in high-quality gaming accessories, including mice, keyboards, headsets, and mouse pads. Their products feature innovative design, excellent craftsmanship, and functionality, making them popular among professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts.

OTL Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing licensed audio accessories and consumer electronics, ensuring high quality and licensing compliance for clients worldwide. Leveraging their industry expertise, they offer innovative solutions that are valued by a wide range of customers.

Rivacase offers high-quality electronic storage accessories, such as laptop cases, camera bags, and laptop backpacks, known for their sturdy protection and elegant design.

Unit1 is a company specializing in the production of sporting and outdoor accessories, offering a wide range of high-quality products including bicycle helmets, backpacks, bags, shoes, and clothing. Their products are known for their durability, functionality, and attractive design, catering to the needs of both professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Seagate is a global technology company specializing in data storage, delivering innovative solutions for both individual and business customers. Their offerings include hard disk drives, SSDs, and cloud solutions, providing reliability and performance for various applications.

Addlink is a brand specializing in mass storage technology, offering high-quality products such as SSDs and USB flash drives. Their advanced technologies ensure reliability and performance, making them valued by customers worldwide. Addlink is not just a memory storage manufacturer but also a partner delivering innovative solutions for data storage.

Catalyst is a renowned brand offering high-quality cases and protective accessories for various electronic devices. Their innovative products provide comprehensive protection and stylish appearance, earning recognition from customers worldwide.

Infento offers construction kits that allow children and parents to build various outdoor vehicles, promoting creative thinking and the development of technical skills while ensuring high quality and safety.

Nano Hybrid Glass is an advanced protective technology primarily used in electronic device screens, characterized by high resistance to scratches, impacts, while maintaining high-quality image and screen sensitivity. This allows users to enjoy longer device lifespan and enhanced usability comfort.

Panzershell offers durable and protective smartphone accessories, providing not only a stylish look but also effective protection against damage. Their products are popular among individuals seeking solid protection for their mobile devices.

SBOX is a company offering a variety of computer and electronic accessories, such as keyboards, mice, and headphones, known for their high quality and affordable price.

SteelDigi manufactures high-quality electronic accessories and technological gadgets, such as wireless chargers and protective cases for smartphones, known for their innovative design and sturdy construction. With modern technologies and attention to detail, they provide users with convenience, efficiency, and style.

XPG is a renowned brand offering high-quality products in the field of RAM memory, SSD drives, power supplies, computer cases, and gaming accessories. With advanced technology and an innovative approach to design, XPG provides high-performance and reliable products, meeting the needs of even the most demanding computer users and gamers.

Mosphera is a revolutionary electric vehicle originally designed for military use, now utilized across civilian industries. Durable, versatile, and capable of covering up to 300 km, they symbolize innovation and mobility, manufactured in Europe with a focus on quality.

Baseus is a global brand offering a diverse range of electronic accessories, blending innovative design with high-quality craftsmanship. Their products include chargers, USB cables, smartphone cases, Bluetooth speakers, and more, gaining popularity worldwide due to their functionality and appealing design.

Eshark is a modern brand offering innovative accessories for smartphones, tablets, and laptops, known for their high quality and functionality. With careful material selection and continuous innovation, it has earned trust from customers worldwide.

ITSKINS is a brand offering high-quality cases and covers for mobile devices, combining innovative design with functionality. They utilize advanced technologies and materials like D3O to provide optimal protection against damage. With a wide range of products compatible with various device models, ITSKINS enjoys popularity worldwide.

EXG is a brand offering functional collectible products, including the Cable Guy sub-brand dedicated to pop culture fans. With innovative technology and five patents in the process of obtaining, EXG inspires the expression of passion in everyday life.

Oloy produces high-performance and reliable RAM modules, perfect for computer enthusiasts and professionals. Thanks to advanced technology and meticulous quality control, Oloy products ensure fast and stable system performance.

PopSockets is a popular brand of smartphone accessories, primarily known for its innovative grips that make holding the phone easier and serve as a stand for viewing content on the screen. The brand's offerings also include other practical accessories such as card wallets and car mounts.

Xencelabs is a company specializing in high-quality graphic tablets and accessories for professionals, primarily in the fields of computer graphics and design. Their products feature precise functionality, ergonomic design, and high-quality craftsmanship, meeting the needs of even the most demanding users.

Gravastar is a speaker brand that combines innovative design with excellent sound, offering unique musical experiences. Their products impress not only with their appearance but also with sound quality, making them the perfect choice for enthusiasts of style and exceptional audio.

Bevisgear is a brand specializing in high-quality outdoor accessories, offering a wide range of products including backpacks, tents, flashlights, and survival tools. Prioritizing durability and innovative solutions, Bevisgear provides functional solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, ready to tackle any adventure.

Funko is renowned for producing collectible figures and toys, especially "Funko Pop!", reflecting characters from pop culture, movies, TV shows, video games, and comics. Their vast selection of figures and other merchandise related to popular brands has gained widespread popularity worldwide.

Jays is a Swedish company crafting high-quality in-ear, on-ear, and wireless headphones, blending innovative technologies with elegant design. Their products boast clear sound, sturdy build, and comfortable fit, making them an ideal choice for those who value premium audio quality and user comfort.

Twinkly is a brand specializing in smart LED lighting systems, allowing users to create dynamic lighting effects using a mobile app. Their products are perfect for indoor and outdoor decorations, combining functionality with aesthetics.

Omnicharge is a brand specializing in portable power sources, providing high performance and mobility for active individuals and professionals on the go. Their portable chargers and power stations enable easy and reliable charging of electronic devices anywhere.

QuadShell is a company specializing in manufacturing high-quality protective accessories for smartphones, known for their durability and functionality. Their products provide comprehensive protection for phones against damage while being easy to use and visually appealing.

Switcheasy is a company specializing in innovative and high-quality protective accessories for mobile devices, such as cases and covers. With their creative solutions and reliable protection, Switcheasy products are popular among customers seeking effective protection for their smartphones and tablets.